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Nena new home buyer

In 2021 our family tentatively decided to invest in two new homes in the Whangarei area. We live overseas, so it was a daunting prospect given some of the horror stories I have heard concerning builders and absent clients. I had good references about Mike’s work and honesty from a rental agency, and he did some inspections for other houses we were potentially looking at. I liked his prompt responses, thorough work and direct communication.  I felt I could trust him and his company, and that trust was not misplaced. He found and facilitated the purchase of two adjoining sections in a good area. He presented architectural plans in line with our practical and aesthetic requirements. He explained the whole process clearly and as many times as I needed without ever losing his calm. Things were well on track. Then Covid lockdowns hit, materials became scarce and hard to source, and momentum faltered. Through those frustrating times, Mike kept me informed with reports and photos of the (often intermittent) progress. As costs of materials rose, there were inevitable price adjustments. Mike was open and clear about the Variations, and did his best to keep rising costs down. As soon as was possible, work began again full steam. I was in NZ for the final stage, and saw first hand the attention to detail and conscientious work of Mike Wooding Homes. The end result is two beautiful, well built and comfortable homes. The process was surprisingly smooth from a client’s perspective, especially an overseas one. I never had cause to second guess the project, in spite of the lockdowns and other unplanned obstacles.  I would recommend Mike Wooding Homes with full confidence. Nena - Purchaser

Nilima & Alston

My wife and I would like to say a VERY BIG thank you to Mike Wooding Homes for the beautiful home they built us. The standard and quality of the build is at the highest level (IMHO). This is not the first home we have had built for us. The difference between this one and our previous one is like chalk and cheese.    Mike was amazing to deal with. Communication is the key in any relationship and Mike certainly excelled here. Alston & Nilima - Purchaser


Mike Wooding Homes, recently completed a new home build for me in Whangarei. I'd previously built a home in Auckland with a large company & the past experience was a complete nightmare to say the least. ​In contrast, my experience with Mike was like chalk & cheese. He handled everything, with absolute professionalism. Communication was excellent. I was kept informed about supply issues. I didn't have to worry about anything.  The finished product was to a very high standard. There was not a thing I could see that needed a touch up or improving. Everything was top notch. The workmanship of his team is absolute quality. There were little extra upgrades I didn't know about which was pleasantly surprising. Needless to say I'm thrilled with the build & would recommend Mike to everyone with no hesitation. Monique - Purchaser

Jo & Murray new owners

From the time we met Mike at the site of what is now our new home in Kamo we knew we were onto a winner as far as builders go. ​He was clear and decisive as to what he wanted to achieve and was able to quickly interpret what we wanted to achieve with what is our retirement move from Tauranga to Whangarei. ​Starting with Mike's concept plan for the site he was proactive in taking into account any changes or specifics that we had in mind as the project evolved, even adding his own ideas and little extras to ensure a quality job.  Despite delays caused by Covid lockdowns Mike and his team of the best Tradies in Whangarei, finished our build to a very high standard of workmanship and finish within budget and within projected actual build time after enforced delays were accounted for. ​Throughout the build, Mike regularly kept us up-to-date via technology so we could see our house progress from a distance. Given our most favorable experience with Mike Wooding as an expert in his field and as a friendly person of integrity, we have no hesitation to recommend him to anyone seeking to use his knowledge and expertise for any building project. While Mike was the man in charge we also need to acknowledge the lady that knew what was going on and thank Tania for her clever choice of fixtures and fittings in our absence. ​Congratulations and heartfelt thanks to you both and your team. Murray and Jo - Purchaser


I'd recommend Mike Wooding as your project manager. He dealt with us and was good at getting back to us and was fair in all the dealings. I think our experience could have been quiet different if we didn't have him looking after us. Richard

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